Cron monitoring and uptime healthchecks
for websites, services and APIs

Instant alerts when

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Monitor cron jobs, scheduled tasks, data pipelines, containers, workers and more

Prevent and solve problems faster with Cronitor.  With painless no-code integration and instant alerts when things go wrong, find out fast when jobs fail, containers crash or data pipelines run too slow.

Monitor the websites, APIs and services your team relies on in production with healthchecks

Downtime happens to everybody and every minute counts.   Create simple network availability checks or build complex tests with multiple assertions.  Healthchecks ensure that when problems happen in production, you know fast.

Respond quickly with alerts where you need them:  Email, Slack, PagerDuty and more

Response and recovery can only begin when the right person or team is notified.   Ensure you reach the right people for every kind of failure with Email and SMS alerts and easy integrations like Slack, OpsGenie and PagerDuty.

How Cronitor Works

Create a cron job monitor using your cron schedule or import your entire crontab using CronitorCLI.
Ping Cronitor when your job runs.  Ping before and after your job to measure duration.
~ $ crontab -l

# m h dom mon dow   command

# Send customer invoices and ping Cronitor when complete

4 5 * * * / && curl

~ $
If your job fails or doesn't start on time, Cronitor will send you an alert so you can take action quickly.
Define the rules that Cronitor will apply as we process the heartbeat pings coming from your script or pipeline.
Send heartbeat pings to Cronitor from Curl or directly from your code.  Ping at the start and end to measure duration.
~ $ cat

from urllib2 import urlopen

# Your code here

Cronitor will alert you if your task reports failure or doesn't send expected heartbeat pings.  After a return to normal operation you'll receive a recovery notice.
Monitor website and API uptime and add optional assertions on status code, response time and response body.
Cronitor's six global healthcheck locations constantly monitor for network availability and compliance with your assertions.
Software bugs, system failures, provider downtime or dns problems: when something goes wrong in production, Cronitor healthchecks will alert you.

Import your cron jobs with one easy command and complete setup in under 5 minutes using  CronitorCLI

Join thousands of developers, startups and teams with better monitoring

T-Mobile, Monsanto, SeatGeek, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Airtable, Doximity,, Monday, Capterra, ShopStyle, Clover Health

"I was finding too many cases where our cron jobs would silently fail - we sometimes would not find out for days that a job was broken. Cronitor gives our team the confidence and peace of mind that if a job is not running, we'll know fast."

Gary Malouf, VP of Technology   OfferLogic

"Cronitor provides a simple way for us to report the general health of all of our services. The API is extremely simple to use, and integration with PagerDuty has made this a critical component of our monitoring infrastructure."

Mark Greene, Director of Platform   EverTrue

"Cronitor has increased our Operations staff's efficiency and responsiveness immensely. Their spin on micro-monitoring represents a best-in-class solution to the age old problem of visibility."

Ethan Erchinger, Director of Operations   Chime

"Before we used Cronitor, we had an important data pipeline fail silently for over a month. We use Cronitor so that will never happen again."

Natalie Gordon, CEO   BabyList

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