Painless healthchecks and uptime monitoring for your websites, APIs, and services

Global uptime monitoring for websites, APIs and more

Versatile HTTP, TCP and UDP support

Automatic cross-region downtime confirmation

Add optional assertions like Response contains "OK"

Setup in 90 seconds, no coding required

Custom request attributes like headers & user-agent

Healthchecks are a versatile way to monitor the uptime and wellness of websites, APIs, servers and anything else that can receive an inbound network connection.  In under two minutes, create simple global uptime tests and optionally add assertions against response characteristics like mean response time and response body contains.

Monitor website and API uptime and add optional assertions on status code, response time and response body.
Cronitor's six global healthcheck locations constantly monitor for network availability and compliance with your assertions.
Software bugs, system failures, provider downtime or dns problems: when something goes wrong in production, Cronitor healthchecks will alert you.

Thousands of developers, startups and teams trust Cronitor

Evertrue, Tape.TV, Sharethrough, SmartThings, Etsy, Monsanto,, Rubicon,

Healthchecks Made Easy

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