Senior Software Engineer - Platform

$100k - $150k   /   0.1% - 2% equity

About Cronitor

As automation has transformed industries, many developers' dirty secret is the lurking crontab file that powers it all. To manage the complexity, and ensure the reliability of these systems, they turn to Cronitor.

Our customers are in nearly every industry & team size -- from Fortune 500 (Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, AB-InBev) to rapidly growing startups (Chime, Carvana, to beloved brands and products (Babylist, Primary, Front) and many more.

Cronitor is a profitable, bootstrapped business, with a long roadmap built on constant conversations with our users. Our tools are critical to software developers responsible for billions of dollars of economic output.

About the role

We are looking for a full-stack Senior Software Engineer to scale our monitoring platform and on-premise capabilities. As a founding member of our engineering team, you’ll meet with customers and collaborate with the founders to take initiatives from initial concept to delivery.


  • Extend and scale our telemetry ingestion and persistence pipeline to thousands of events per second.
  • Research and develop new monitoring capabilities for our open source Kubernetes agent and cross-platform CLI.
  • Leverage AWS services and best practices to keep Cronitor highly available and secure.
  • Write clear product specs and collaborate with the founders on the product roadmap.
  • Speak directly with customers to identify opportunities and refine product ideas.
  • Write robust and maintainable code in Golang and Python.
  • Document the entire creative process through blog posts and product guides.
  • Care passionately about customer success and collaborate with the team on incoming support requests.
  • Shape our engineering culture by implementing the tools, processes and workflows that we use to create our product.

You will thrive if

  • You like to wear many hats.
  • You believe monitoring is a critical component of a software system, and have experience (and opinions) about modern monitoring tools - Sentry, Datadog, New Relic, etc
  • You like to write -- emails, documentation, blog posts, whatever. You find clarity and joy in putting words to paper bits.
  • You enjoy the challenge and fun of a polyglot system. Our core product is written in Python and JavaScript and we publish open source SDKs for many popular languages.
  • You have an eye and a bias for automation. You also have an eye for the trade-offs and pitfalls of trying to over-automate too early.
  • You thrive in a small team with a loose structure.
  • You are a kind and thoughtful human who enoys collaborating with other kind and thoughtful humans.


  • Competitive salary and meaningful equity. As an early employee you are taking a risk on us, and should be compensated appropriately.
  • Full health-care premium reimbursement (or max allowed by law).
  • $500 learning & development stipend.
  • 8 week fully paid parental leave policy.
  • Flexible working schedule and vacation policy, work from home policy, and real work/life balance.


To apply, send an email to, and tell us who you are. This could come in the form of a resume, a letter, links to side-projects/blog/open-source contributions, or whatever other way you think will help us understand what makes you great.