List all cron jobs on your server

Between user crontabs and drop-in directories your server could have hundreds of crontabs. Looking at or grepping all of them is a laborious task. Our free software, CronitorCLI, is the easiest way to scan your server and list all of your cron jobs in seconds.

Instant alerts when your cron jobs fail

We created Cronitor after a critical cron job failed silently for months. Cronitor is easy to use and provides you with instant alerts when things go wrong. Learn more

  1. Download CronitorCLI

    A simple and free executable, all you have to do is download and decompress the CronitorCLI binary. You'll be scanning in seconds.

    CronitorCLI Installation Guide

  2. Listing all cron jobs for all users in a single command

    After decompressing, use the list command to view all cron jobs.

    CronitorCLI List Example

    Here there are 8 cron jobs in two crontabs. If there were 400 cron jobs in 40 crontabs, all of them would be listed.

  3. Bonus: Easily run any command the way cron does

    CronitorCLI includes other great free tools like select and shell to run commands the way cron does.

Our software, CronitorCLI, includes the free tools we always wished we had.  Scan your system and list every cron job in seconds using cronitor list.  Run any cron job instantly using cronitor select.