Cron Job Notifications

Cronitor can be easily configured to send an alert every time your job starts or completes.

  1. From your dashboard, click the button to create a new monitor and select Heartbeat monitor. (Editors note: For notification alerts, we use a "Heartbeat" monitor type, even for cron jobs)
  2. Change the rule type to "run endpoint pinged" for notification when your job starts, or "complete endpoint pinged" for notification when your job completes. For alerts when your job starts and completes, add a second rule.
  3. Give the monitor a descriptive name like S3 Data Export
  4. Save the monitor and add its unique ping url to your Crontab or code. See the integration guide for details.

Using cron job notifications

Cron job notifications with Cronitor provide an easy, flexible alternative to crontab emails. With powerful integrations like Slack, Pagerduty and OpsGenie Cronitor will help you keep an eye on your important jobs.

If you are using cron job notifications from Cronitor you can disable the default cron job email without worry. You can do this with a simple cron configuration at the top of your crontab: MAILTO=""