OpsGenie is an Incident Managment System that makes sure the right people get notified at the right time when something goes wrong. To integrate with OpsGenie:

From OpsGenie:

  1. Click on "teams" from the left sidebar and click the team you wish to integrate with Cronitor
  2. On the Teams page you will see a new left sidebar with an "Integrations" option. Select it, click it.
  3. Click the "Add integration" button.
  4. Select "API" integration.
  5. Customize integration name, priority and other settings as desired.
  6. You're done in Opsgenie. You'll need the API key later.

From Cronitor:

  1. From the Settings > Integrations page, click the Create Integration button and select OpsGenie.
  2. Give this integration a name. This will be used in the Cronitor UI.
  3. Give this integration a unique identifier. This can be used in the Cronitor API.
  4. Paste the provided OpsGenie key into the API Key field and press "Create Integration" to complete the integration.
  5. Next, you'll be prompted to add this integration to one or more Notification Lists.
  6. You're done. You can repeat this process to connect Cronitor to different alert policies