Cron job and pipeline failures can be disastrous

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Solo Cronitor



50 monitors 1 user

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  • Plan highlights:
  • Cron job and scheduled task monitoring
  • Heartbeat monitoring for pipelines, workers, containers and scripts
  • Uptime monitoring and healthchecks for websites, APIs and services
  • CronitorCLI for automatic cron job import and schedule sync
  • Instant alerts by email, SMS, Slack and webhooks
  • Rest API to manage monitors and
    retrieve activity
  • Dashboard with live updates and full screen mode
  • Fantastic email support

Cronitor for Teams



200 monitors 5 users

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  • Plan highlights:
  • All Solo Cronitor features, plus:
  • Integration with PagerDuty, OpsGenie and VictorOps
  • Shared team dashboard with admin, user and readonly accounts
  • Fantastic email support
  • Additional users, $5/mo

Cronitor for Business



500 monitors 10 users

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  • Plan highlights:
  • All Cronitor for Teams features, plus:
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO)
  • Priority support
  • Additional users, $5/mo

Cronitor Unlimited




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  • Plan highlights:
  • All Cronitor features, plus:
  • Unlimited, un-metered usage
  • Priority support

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