We build for Developers.

Cronitor builds simple and powerful monitoring tools for busy developers. We'll alert you when something goes wrong, with the context you need to solve problems fast.

Where we are today

Over 50,000 developers and thousands of paying customers have discovered our modern approach to monitoring. Today, Cronitor provides 5 monitoring tools in one easy to use platform:

  1. Cron job monitoring
  2. Website and API monitoring (synthetics)
  3. Heartbeat monitoring
  4. Analytics for developers
  5. Beautiful status pages

Empowering software developers is the foundation of our business, and we are grateful for the opportunity to craft software that makes your life a little easier.

Our story, so far

Cronitor started in March 2014 with a text message. August, the founding engineer at a logistics startup, had grown concerned that he wasn't monitoring his critical cron jobs, and his wife (also a developer and founder) had just had a painful experience with a database backup that had been silently failing for months.

August texted Shane with a simple question: how do you monitor your cron jobs at work? After comparing notes and surveying the available options, we realized that we needed to build a tool that can do this for us, and maybe help a few other developers along the way.

In June 2014 we launched with a post on Hacker News, and by 2016 our little project had reached $6000 MRR and we realized we might be able to help more than just a few developers.

Our early success and the support of the developer community has meant that we've been able to grow independently without sacrificing our principles or taking outside investment. Ten years later, we continue to listen to customers and continuously invest in the platform, including:

  1. 2016 - Uptime Monitoring
  2. 2019 - Browser-based synthetic monitoring
  3. 2020 - Cronitor for Kubernetes
  4. 2022 - Status Pages
  5. 2023 - Website Analytics and Real user Monitoring

We're still as passionate as ever about creating tools that we ourselves use every day, and we hope that shines though in the products we build.

August and Shane, Founders

August Flanagan

August, @__au6ust__

Shane Harter

Shane, @shaneharter

Monitoring for Developers