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Cronitor provides secure, continuous monitoring and alerting for the scheduled tasks and event pipelines that power data-driven businesses. It’s entirely built and operated by two friendly humans, Shane and August.

We’ve been writing software for over 35 years, and have been leading software teams for over 15. Cronitor was built to solve our own teams' needs for better monitoring in high-availability environments.

We wanted a tool that would complement the APM and error reporting tools our teams were already using. And it needed to be simple enough that anyone responsible for technology at their company could use it, not just seasoned developers or sysadmins.

We have been fortunate to grow Cronitor into an independent and profitable business, built piece by piece by talking to our customers to understand their unique needs. Your monitoring challenges are the foundation of our business, and we are grateful to be able to craft software that makes your life a little easier.

Shane & August

August, @__au6ust__

Shane, @shaneharter