Uptime monitoring for websites & APIs.

Continuous monitoring from 12 locations worldwide.

Instant alerts when your website or API is down.




IoT Devices

Cloud Providers

Chime, Bayer, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, PayPal

Why monitor your websites and APIs?

Be the first to know about downtime

Downtime happens to everyone and every minute counts.  When problems happen, Cronitor will tell you fast.

Monitor, measure and optimize

Users expect fast and reliable websites. Stay on top of changing circumstances with continuous monitoring.

Identify the root cause

Is the website the only problem or is the API down too? Get answers fast with uptime monitoring.

Performance trends at your fingertips

With response time trends at your fingertips it's easy to review the performance of your APIs and services.

Keep an eye on your dependencies

Don't rely on your vendor's status page. Monitor services you rely on and help your team through their downtime.

Ensure global availability

The global internet is complex. Know when your service is up for your team but down for your customers.

Worldwide uptime monitoring.

Configure monitoring from where you need it most.

Monitor from California, Ohio, Virginia, São Paulo, Dublin, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Bahrain, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo

No more broken web apps, no more broken APIs.

Cronitor's powerful monitoring engine makes it easy to cover all your public endpoints.

Our Website Monitoring Setup Guide  and  API Monitoring Setup Guide  have step by step instructions on creating monitors.

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It's time to get started.

Cronitor is the utility-knife style monitoring tool you need to cover your backend, while you focus on growing your business.

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