Uptime monitoring for websites, APIs and servers

Easily monitor the health and availability of your public endpoints.

Cronitor Dashboard

Product benefits

Detect and respond to incidents faster
Downtime happens to everyone and every minute counts.  When problems happen, Cronitor will tell you fast.
Monitor, measure and improve
Everyone loves a fast, reliable website. Stay on top of changing circumstances with continuous monitoring.
Keep an eye on your dependencies
Don't rely on your vendor's status page. Monitor services you rely on and help your team through their downtime.
Performance trends at your fingertips
With global response time trends at your fingertips it's easy to track the performance of your APIs and services.
Solve and resolve problems fast
Is the website the source of the problem or is it the API down too? Get answers fast with uptime monitoring.
Get the bigger picture
Apps are only as reliable as the data pipelines and cron jobs that power them. Monitor in depth with Cronitor.

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Monitor any website or webpage

Test that your website is available all over the world with uptime checks as often as every 30 seconds.

Monitor API endpoints

Create custom API requests to monitor the public endpoints that power your apps.

Monitor servers and IOT devices

Setup TCP and UDP monitoring in minutes and keep an eye on your entire fleet.

Global monitoring

Multiple checkpoints in America, Europe and Asia monitor your global availability and response time.

Instant, reliable alerts

Get notified instantly when your website or API goes down, day or night.

Fine-tune your alert preferences

Not every failed request is a crisis. Customize your alert behavior by defining your failure tolerance.

No false alarms

We always double-check downtime from multiple regions before triggering an alert.

Live full-screen dashboard

See all of your APIs, websites and servers on a single dashboard with live updates.

More than just uptime monitoring

Use Cronitor to monitor cron jobs, data pipelines, scripts, etl jobs, containers, queue workers, and more.

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Cronitor works with the tools your team is already using


Join thousands of developers, startups and teams with better monitoring

"Cronitor has increased our Operations staff's efficiency and responsiveness immensely. Their spin on micro-monitoring represents a best-in-class solution to the age old problem of visibility."

Ethan Erchinger, Director of Operations  

"Cronitor provides a simple way for us to report the general health of all of our services. The API is extremely simple to use, and integration with PagerDuty has made this a critical component of our monitoring infrastructure."

Mark Greene, Director of Platform  

"I was finding too many cases where our cron jobs would silently fail - we sometimes would not find out for days that a job was broken. Cronitor gives our team the confidence and peace of mind that if a job is not running, we'll know fast."

Gary Malouf, VP of Technology  

"Before we used Cronitor, we had an important data pipeline fail silently for over a month. We use Cronitor so that will never happen again."

Natalie Gordon, CEO  

Trusted by companies big and small, including

T-Mobile, Carvana, Johnson&Johnson, Airtable

Prevent and solve problems faster by detecting them at their source.

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