Cronitor vs Dead Man's Snitch

If you look quickly at Cronitor and Dead Man's Snitch, you might be left thinking that the services offered are very similar. While there is some overlap, the truth is that only Cronitor has built the monitoring and on-boarding tools that you need to cross cron job monitoring off your todo list and get back to more important work.

First, it's easier to get started with Cronitor, invite your team, and monitor your cron jobs:

Getting Started

Start easy with a two-week free trial on the plan of your choice
Add your team fast using SAML Single Sign On and just-in-time user provisioning with Okta, Identity Cloud and others.
Automatically discover cron jobs on your server and complete setup in under 5 minutes

More importantly, Cronitor understands how cron jobs work and we've created better monitoring tools:


Basic heartbeat monitoring, e.g. alert if job has not run in 8 hours
Cron job monitoring for anything with a cron schedule e.g. */5 * * * Mon-Fri
Time-of-day monitoring e.g. alert if job has not completed by 05:30
Report cron job failure with a simple /fail ping
Monitor Windows Scheduled Tasks, Jenkins jobs and more

Join thousands of developers, startups and teams with better monitoring

T-Mobile, Monsanto, SeatGeek, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Airtable, Doximity,, Monday, Capterra, ShopStyle, Clover Health

"I was finding too many cases where our cron jobs would silently fail - we sometimes would not find out for days that a job was broken. Cronitor gives our team the confidence and peace of mind that if a job is not running, we'll know fast."

Gary Malouf, VP of Technology   OfferLogic

"Cronitor provides a simple way for us to report the general health of all of our services. The API is extremely simple to use, and integration with PagerDuty has made this a critical component of our monitoring infrastructure."

Mark Greene, Director of Platform   EverTrue

"Cronitor has increased our Operations staff's efficiency and responsiveness immensely. Their spin on micro-monitoring represents a best-in-class solution to the age old problem of visibility."

Ethan Erchinger, Director of Operations   Chime

"Before we used Cronitor, we had an important data pipeline fail silently for over a month. We use Cronitor so that will never happen again."

Natalie Gordon, CEO   BabyList

Monitoring Made Easy

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