Cronitor vs

Because Cronitor and have many similarities it can be difficult to know what service is right for you. We've prepared this guide because we think that once you look side-by-side you'll see that Cronitor has the features you need to cross monitoring off your todo list and get back to your real work.

Getting started

Cronitor is focused on making your onboarding and setup experience quick and painless. Activate your free trial, invite your team and import your existing cron jobs in no time at all.


Free trial on any plan 14 days
SAML Single Sign On (SSO)
Automatically import your crontab

Monitoring capabilities

Only Cronitor has the features you need to monitor all of your cron jobs and background tasks.


Cron job monitoring
Fixed interval monitoring
Time-of-day monitoring
Customizable failure tolerance
Command line tools
Monitor Windows Scheduled Tasks & more
Uptime monitoring for Websites and APIs

Cronitor is trusted at

Chime, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco, PayPal, Bayer

"I was finding too many cases where our cron jobs would silently fail - we sometimes would not find out for days that a job was broken. Cronitor gives our team the confidence and peace of mind that if a job is not running, we'll know fast."

Gary Malouf
VP, Technology

"Cronitor provides a simple way for us to report the general health of all of our services. The API is extremely simple to use, and integration with PagerDuty has made this a critical component of our monitoring infrastructure."

Mark Greene
Director of Platform

"Cronitor has increased our Operations staff's efficiency and responsiveness immensely. Their spin on micro-monitoring represents a best-in-class solution to the age old problem of visibility."

Ethan Erchinger
Director of Operations

"Before we used Cronitor, we had an important data export fail silently for over a month. We use Cronitor so that will never happen again."

Natalie Gordon