What is Cronitor?

Cronitor is a monitoring service for cron jobs, workers, services, APIs and anything else that can make or receive network requests. Cronitor adds visibility to the critical jobs and backend systems that you rely on.

How do people use Cronitor?

Cronitor is a general purpose monitoring tool with a simple HTTP interface.

  • Monitor background jobs with a state machine that tracks each execution.
  • Monitor the uptime, availability and performance of any website or API.
  • Passive heartbeat monitoring for any process, server or device.
  • Audit and Compliance: keep an offsite, immutable log of what jobs ran and when.
  • A dead man's switch for just about anything that can make an HTTP request.

What languages does Cronitor support?

For cron job and heartbeat monitors, you can intergate with Cronitor using any language that can make an HTTP request. The easiest integration is directly within crontab using CronitorCLI or curl, and all modern languages have libraries for making requests. Several great open source API clients are available, created by our users.

What features are included with your free trial?

We offer new users a free trial on the plan of their choice. During the trial period all of the plan's features are available.

Do you offer a free plan?

Yes, one monitor is absolutely free. Upgrade at any time to add more monitors and unlock premium features.

What is a monitor?

A monitor is a collection of rules and alert settings that you will create for every job, task, or service that you want to monitor.

Is it possible for Cronitor to alert me if my task doesn't run at a certain time of day?

Yes, Cronitor heartbeat monitors can alert you if your task does not run at a certain time of day. For flexible schedules, define a custom grace period up to 23 hours.

Cronitor sent me an alert when I didn't expect it?

If you receive an alert you didn't expect—if you know your job did not run too long for example—the first thing to do is view your recent ping history in your dashboard. Usually the explanation can be found in the history, but please email us if you have any questions. You can read more about viewing ping history, and additional troubleshooting information is available here for timing jobs.

What are my payment options?

Subscribers on our "Cronitor for Business" plan may pay by check, ACH or wire transfer. All other plans require a credit or debit card for recurring monthly or annual billing. Cronitor provides a 10% discount when paying annually.

Is my payment information safe with Cronitor?

Cronitor uses Stripe for our checkout and recurring billing. Your credit card details are never sent to our server. We trust Stripe with our own money and think it's safe for you, too.

How does Cronitor compare to your competitors?

Here are some links that might help answer this question: Cronitor vs Dead Mans Snitch, Cronitor vs Healthchecks.io, and Cronitor vs Cronhub