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"Snowflake Exporter” cron job has failed.

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Kickstart your monitoring with our open-source SDKs or test Cronitor on your command line with simple API calls.

Cronitor Kubernetes Agent

# Add the Cronitor chart
helm repo add cronitor

# Add your Cronitor API Key as a Secret
kubectl create secret generic cronitor-secret -n <namespace> --from-literal=CRONITOR_API_KEY=<api key>

# Deploy using Helm 2 or Helm 3
helm upgrade --install <release name> cronitor/cronitor-kubernetes --namespace <namespace> \
    --set credentials.secretName=cronitor-secret \
    --set credentials.secretKey=CRONITOR_API_KEY

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# Tell Cronitor that your job is running and automatically create your first monitor

# Now, simulate a failure and trigger an alert

# Add monitoring directly to your crontab
* 0 * * * / && curl<API-KEY>/test-job?state=complete

# You can even include metadata
curl<API-KEY>/test-job?state=complete \
       &status_code=0 \
       &message=Import+Complete \
       &metric=duration:419.44 \
# Add Cronitor to your project
pip install cronitor

# Import & configure
import cronitor
cronitor.api_key = 'your key here'

# Add the job decorator to anything you want to monitor
def daily_metrics_task():
   print('running an important background job, with monitoring!')
# Add Cronitor to your project
npm install cronitor

# Import & Configure
const cronitor = require('cronitor')('your key here')

# Integrate easily with popular node-cron packages
const nodeCron = require('node-cron')

# Or, use the cronitor.wrap method to monitor any function.
cronitor.wrap('important-background-job', function () {
   console.log('running an important background job, with monitoring!')
# Add Cronitor to your project
gem install cronitor

# Import & Configure
require 'cronitor'
Cronitor.api_key = 'your key here'

# Use the Cronitor#job method to wrap any block with monitoring
Cronitor.job 'daily-metrics-job' do
# Add Cronitor to your project
gem install sidekiq-cronitor

# Import & Configure
require 'cronitor'
Cronitor.api_key = 'your key here'

# Include Sidekiq::Cronitor in the worker you want monitored
class DailyMetricsWorker
  include Sidekiq::Worker
  include Sidekiq::Cronitor

  def perform
# Add Cronitor to your project
composer require cronitor/cronitor-php

# Import & Configure
$cronitor = new Cronitor\Client('your key here');

# Use the $cronitor->job method to wrap any function with monitoring
$cronitor->job('important-background-job', function() {
  echo('running an important background job, with monitoring!')

# Or use directly with an invokable class
$cronitor->job('important-background-job', new InvokableBackgroundJob());

See your jobs on a timeline

Visualize your job schedules and find surprise hotspots.

Explore performance trends

Discover slow jobs and stay ahead of job performance creep.

Capture cron job output

See every execution and stop hunting through log files.

Stay on top of every problem

Be the first to know when a job fails or never starts.


Keep everybody informed

Daily, weekly and monthly reporting for your whole team.

Product Highlights

Monitor any kind of job

Cronitor works with almost any language and scheduling platform. Monitor your scheduled jobs, job queues, background tasks & more.

Capture cron job output

Easily send cron logs and error messages to Cronitor and create a hub for all of your cron job details.

Slow job detection

Use automatic slow job alerts or set your own thresholds and Cronitor will alert you when your job performance degrades.

Alerts how you want them

Have control over when you'll be alerted with grace periods, failure tolerance and schedule tolerance settings on each job.

Cronitor expects your job

Cronitor understands your job schedule and expects your job to run on time. If it goes missing for any reason, you'll be alerted.

Performance trends

Track performance trends and answer operational questions with clear, fast dashboards and 6+ months of data retention.

All of your job details

Add, organize and monitor any kind of job. Understand what's running, where it's running, when it's expected, and how often it fails.

No software required

Our CLI and SDKs make it easier but you can integrate Cronitor and monitor cron jobs without installing any of our software.

More than job monitoring

Monitor and validate your websites and APIs from 12+ locations worldwide with a Cronitor Check.

Case Study

Aloft uses Cronitor to monitor realtime flight data and stay in compliance.

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Case Study GreatWaves

GreatWaves uses Cronitor to automate WiFi deployments and rollbacks.

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