S3 Bucket Monitoring

Ensure private buckets stay private and public buckets are correct.

Instant alerts if a configuration mistake exposes your private data.
Setup in minutes, no installation required.

Why monitor your S3 buckets?

Mistakes are too easy with S3
Between IAM policies, ACLs and anonymous access, S3 security is complicated and hard to get right.
Exposure is expensive
Exposed S3 buckets can harm your business, inviting bad press and even regulatory scrutiny.
You should be the first to know
If a mistake or malicious intent exposes your sensitive data you should be the first to know.
Verify the public buckets you rely on
Easily keep an eye on the public buckets that power your websites, pipelines and data exchange.
No installation required
Your buckets are monitored by Cronitor, there is nothing to install and no privileged access needed.
Cronitor makes it easy
Create monitors in minutes, configure your alert preferences, and let us do the rest.

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